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Meet The Gang

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Hi friends, my name’s Lily (short for Elizabeth!)

I love animals and riding my horse.  Wildlife is really important and I’ve got loads of pictures that I’ve drawn of birds and butterflies to put on my bedroom wall! I plant the brightest flowers to get bees and other interesting insects into the Little Gardeners garden.

I love buzzy bees and cute ladybirds – they are funny to watch!

Bye for now!


Hello, I’m Jake.

My best friend is Zach (who is very naughty sometimes!) Science is my favourite subject at school and I love doing cool experiments in the lab! The gang always ask me about how tiny seeds grow into big plants in the Little Gardeners garden.

Hey guys, did you know the first flowers appeared on our planet over 130 million years ago? How cool is that!

See you soon!


Hey guys, my name’s Sam.

I love football and judo (my nickname is Sporty Sam!) I also go swimming every Saturday and win loads of medals to show to all my friends. I always win the competitions to grow the biggest things in the Little Gardeners veg patch too!

Runner beans grow soooo quickly – have a race with your friends to grow the longest one! Good luck!



Hey guys! I’m Asha.

Grace is my best friend in the Little Gardeners gang. I love school and everyone thinks I’m a real brain box! I am in charge of the Little Gardeners veg patch and I love munching on the mini tomatoes that I have grown with my friends.

My teacher suggests growing funny shaped carrots! They are super crunchy and help keep you fit and healthy.

Bye for now!


Hello, I’m Polly and I’m 8 years old.

Alfie is my big brother (he’s soooo old!) and I love helping him in the Little Gardeners garden. I like riding my bike a lot and playing with my friends in the park. My favourite plant in the Little Gardeners flower patch is the sunflower because it has bright yellow petals!

My mummy says why not have a competition with your friends to see who can grow the tallest sunflower then watch the chirpy birds eat the seed heads!

See you soon!


Hi, I’m Grace!

Asha is my best friend and we love being in the Little Gardeners gang together! One of my other favourite things is baking with my friends and making the yummiest cakes for the cake sales at school. I’ve grown some fab strawberries in the Little Gardeners garden to make scrummy strawberry eton mess – yum!

Did you know there are about 200 seeds on a strawberry? Wow, that’s a lot of seeds isn’t it!

Bye for now!


Hey dudes, my name’s Zach (short for Zachery!)

Everyone says I’m the naughtiest in the gang (except for Jake who is my best friend!) I love playing my drums at home and scaring my sister at Halloween with pumpkins I have grown in the Little Gardeners veg patch!

If you like spooking people (just like I do!) grow awesome gourds and make your own scary zoo to frighten your friends, wooooooooo!

Catch you later!


Hi guys, I’m Alfie. Nice to meet you!

I am the oldest in the Little Gardeners gang and Polly is my little sister. I love being outdoors in the Little Gardeners garden and I look after the greenhouse where the coolest Cress and Coleus grow! I’ve got a great idea! Why not grow cress just like I do and make cress heads with an empty egg shell?

See you soon!